This is the Way

by Suffer the Consequence

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(c) 2015, Suffer the Consequence
Recorded in Uppsala, Sweden


released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Suffer the Consequence Sweden

SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE are from Sweden, writing, producing, mixing and mastering their own type of extreme metal music.
Any support and/or feedback is most welcome!

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Track Name: This is the Way

Create an infrastructure to disseminate the fear
Tearing up morality and burning the books God wrote
A human right to speak one’s mind even if insane
Work your will and have your fill with whom and the way you will

This Flood, unstoppable
This is the thirst, unquenchable

Drawn into the night of the cross
And you shall see me

Bow down, you bow down

Your right has been denied
Your right was crucified
My way will set you free
You will divide the sea

Darkness fall, men still crawl, in the wake of my destruction/creation

Every man and woman is a star that will implode
All this pain to rearrange, the molecules of your mind
Worship me it's charity a gate to endless bliss
Satiate desires that you never knew that you had

Drawn into the night of the cross where
You shall see me

I want to hear you say
This, This is the way
Track Name: I Fired First

Sever limb from limb and excavate the fleshless core
Find out what's inside if anything or anymore

Analysis of truth will duplicate the shameless lie
The adversary holds a casting vote where there's a tie

When you allocate the blame I move to the front
Proud to exclaim that I was the one
Quit that soul searching for the mystery clue
For it never had anything to do with you

Sever kin from kin, skin from skin, so as to purify
Free us from the bond of unity and testify
to the place of singularity where egos die
The diamond in the dirt that constitutes your feeble life

Face the fact for it has come to this
A pointless cause wrought for a pointless aim
We wither and die without leaving a trace
Nothing will change and nothing will remain

So I fired first
I fired first

I'm not

Me, It was me
I fired first