Blackened Eyes (mini EP)

by Suffer the Consequence

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released March 12, 2017



all rights reserved


Suffer the Consequence Sweden

SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE are from Sweden, writing, producing, mixing and mastering their own type of extreme metal music.
Any support and/or feedback is most welcome!

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Track Name: The Circle

Painted into a corner
Your back against the wall

Just a fucking bully
Always gets in my hair
When you’re corrected
The martyr card is there

(you fucking deadbeat)

You feel it’s so unfair
The way they’re treating you
So you retaliate
And the circle starts anew

Where is your purpose
What is your will
Is this just destiny
or something you can break

You know of all abuse
the spawn of a life force lost
and light is just a brevity
and all the facts are fake
they're just fake

You feel it’s so unfair
The way they’re treating you
So you retaliate
And the circle starts anew

With you
Track Name: House of God

I climb these walls of madness
But there's no fucking escape
I'm trapped inside this tower
Crumbling as it must to the ground
To the fucking ground

These are the memories of you
I've tried to push them away
I will have to see it through until
They're dead and buried like you

Dead and buried like you

Synthetic resolution to the pain inside
Organic desolation is our way of life
Reality is pointless as it fades away
With absolute freedom and no room to stray

A bottle of pills, a noose or a gun
it doesn't really matter if I get it done
A bottle of pills, a noose or a gun
We follow our paths like the rivers run
Track Name: Blackened Eyes

You can't run you cannot hide
The ghosts are closing in
Pale white skin and blackened eyes
That stare into the void

Your plans were rendered useless
The oath you wished undone
Finally you realized
A rat race can't be won

You, so pitiful and weak
You, prospects less than bleak
When all is said and done so easy to beguile
When all is dead and gone join the rank and file

Bury them deep in the ground
Bury them deep as you are bound to

In your dreams their rotting limbs
Are reaching for your neck
Sedated by the drugs and liquor
You stare into the void

The void where all the demons dwell
Your victims in a massive pile
Your numbness gives no refuge now
Drowning in a pool of bile

Bury them deep