Maleficarum Atheos EP

by Suffer the Consequence

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released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Suffer the Consequence Sweden

SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCE are from Sweden, writing, producing, mixing and mastering their own type of extreme metal music.
Any support and/or feedback is most welcome!

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Track Name: Atheos

Cerebellum neurons, a chemical transmission
Life is in nothing just an intermission
Dark matter, matter is the antithesis
Beauty of existence in the terminal feces

We rot
We rot and dissipate

Let it go
You've lost control
Gravitate towards your own entropic fate

Let it go
You've lost control
Fill the void with something if but pointless hate


”Hear me, ye people of sighing!
The sorrows of pain and regret
Are left to the dead and the dying,
The folk that not know me as yet.”
(AL II:17)

Track Name: Fields of Abaddon

Now, the invocation made manifest
An image of mind
You, kept crying wolf and now that he's here
Still you are blind
Run, into the walls of bricks that you've laid
Of your abattoir
Time, time has come to face that fear
Alone as you are

SHAITAN come and weed them out
Once and for all
LEVIATHAN come to drown them all
Your Caliph will fall

I can't help but think what could have been
instead of this

Repress ideas you fear and bless atrocities divine
Reversing time a hopeless feat a universal crime

Laugh, in the face of death
for this is what you waited for
Cry, out that terminal breath
the flaming mouth an open door

As futile as pathetic are the virtues that you claim
The converts that you heard are all coerced or just

Fill this world with pain
Kill them all and end this farce of shame

Heed your fate: hate

SHAITAN come and weed them out
Once and for all
LEVIATHAN come to drown them all
The Calph will fall
Track Name: First Creator

I don't know what the fuck is worst
The feeble fear
Pathetic pride
Chasing freedom at rainbow's end
Losing out to another asshole
Feeling walls are closing in
Built by you and your goals
A nightmare you're committed to
Sucked into another black hole
This was your life
This was your time
Watch me create an image of you
All this, my hate, must be from you
One hand creates
The other destroys
One hand creates
This is the joy
Track Name: The Waking Hours

Sacrifice another
Holy was my goal
I willed to be thee
I'm ego free
Now I've sealed the bond and
All is said and done
I dragged myself into this
Longing for your arms
I can't find the passage through
All is cold and dark
Where the fuck is my reward
The elixir of life
I came through and paid the price
And you tell me I'm screwed
Go, be free
That is what you said
Go, be me
When everything is dead
In your waking hours
I wish I could see me
In your waking hours
I wish I could be me
Track Name: Bellum Maleficarum

I have died a thousand times
Killed a thousand more
I enjoyed the parties that
Mortals cursed as war
A simple truth that will be known
Lest I feed again
Infest your mind with pity and shame
Reason to your hate
Sell your service to the cause
Whatever the fuck proclaimed
Marching proud over bodies and land
Morality disdained